Frequently Asked Questions

Bride’s Best Friend is a compliment to your wedding planning. Denise is a true professional in her industry and learns something new at every wedding she coordinates. She brings that experience to you! Plus, she is with you throughout the process, so she knows exactly how you want your day to go. Utilizing the expertise of Bride’s Best Friend allows you to have a guide with you every step of the journey, plus on your special day, you can both enjoy yourselves while Bride’s Best Friend makes sure every detail is handled. So, the answer is, Yes!
Of course you do! This is YOUR wedding and it is ALL about what you and your fiance want! Bride’s Best Friend makes sure that the focus of EVERY decision – from beginning to end – is done to the specifications of her Bride and Groom. Ask any of our clients! There is a general path that all weddings take, but each and every choice is uniquely yours! Bride’s Best Friend works WITH you.
Absolutely. These people are wonderful help at their respective venues. Churches often have a helper to assist the Officiant with particular traditions and protocol. Reception venues may have a guide to help with details regarding serving of the meal and possibly with introductions of the Bridal Party. These are of great help, but are limited to their location and rarely coordinate with other vendors. Bride’s Best Friend works with you regarding all the details of your day; from when the Groomsmen pick up and drop off their tuxedo’s, to which stylist is doing whose hair at what time, to when the flowers are dropped off at the church, and much, much more! Bride’s Best Friend makes sure that all of the details are arranged with each vendor.
Yes, you really do. Chances are you have been working very hard and have committed to all of the major wedding vendors for your wedding. Very often, this is the point most couples reach when they say they are done. Unfortunately, they have completed about 1/3 of the process. The second 1/3 of wedding planning involves coordinating, confirming and organizing all of the details of the day. Bride’s Best Friend will walk you through each and every vendor category and ask you questions about all the details that affect you and that particular aspect of the wedding. This process actually takes just about as much time as getting the vendors committed in the first place. Many Brides and Grooms try to skim over this part and in the end cause themselves enormous and unnecessary stress during the weeks prior to the wedding and the day of. With Bride’s Best Friend, your wedding planning and wedding day will be relaxed and enjoyed by all, including YOU!